Sunday, August 7, 2011

Save Rex, the Mangia -zilla

Friends of Rex -

Rex (the Mangia dinosaur currently residing on top of Wheatsville on Guadalupe) is fighting the hardest battle of his life.  Rex has always lived and worked for Jeff & Michelle Sayers (the creator and original owners of Mangia Pizza).  Now another company is trying to force Rex to come and work for them.  As you probably already know, Mangia Pizza filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and because of this another company is trying to convince creditors to let them have the company.  

Rex does not want to live or to work for the other company!!!  Rex needs your help in trying to convince the authorities to let him stay with Jeff & Michelle Sayers.  Already, Jeff has stepped back in as the managing partner and made several changes so that Mangia's will be able to pay off the creditors and continue to feed Austinites.  

You can help Rex by eating often at Mangia's on Mesa and by forwarding this email to every Austinite you know!  You can also help by getting your company to use Mangia's catering.  It is vital that Mangia is able to convince the Judge that the business is doing well and that sales are strong. 

Rex has decided that if Jeff and Michelle Sayers are able to fend off the outside company, he is ready to move back to the Mesa location.  Please look for specials and updates on the Mangia website  and also show Rex support by signing a letter of support when you visit Mangia on Mesa.  Please also join Rex on facebook. 

Rex's Friends

Best Stuffed Spinach pizza ever! Let's go!

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  1. As if I would ever eat any other pizza!!! I will order some this week (have been getting tired of yogurt & granola as my nighttime staple food!)